Effective treatments vary from person-to-person. Treatment options include medical and behavioral health services which are usually combined. Substance Abuse Treatment Helpline provides services that significantly meet the needs of the client. Those who need immediate treatment may call us to schedule a session for a comprehensive and confidential substance use evaluation. This is to evaluate the person on what specific care he/she must undergo. Evaluations are conducted by professional counselors. We consider the client’s physical, emotional, mental and behavioral conditions. We also ask for family information and addiction-related concerns. Every person’s experience with substance use disorder is unique, so treatment plans are most successful when they’re tailored to individual needs. This is to properly address the client’s need for treatment. Upon the completion of the evaluation, the extent of potential problems with regards to substance abuse is shared with the individual and effective treatment options are then explored. Referrals are also made to the most accurate level of service needed.

Substance Abuse Treatment Helpline is not just a mere building but it is more of a home to save you and to avoid further complications that might destroy your life.  We are here to provide you the best treatment for substance abuse. We offer low-cost services to people and to those who have financial problems that also want to be treated. We have the determination to help you because we believe that if you can change yourself, why not the world. Do not hesitate to start now. Contact us and be part of our life-changing process

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