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What is substance abuse? It is defined as dangerous or precarious use of psychoactive substances including alcohol and prohibited drugs. It’s also when you use prescription medicine, and other legal substances too much or in a wrong way. As quoted by our Miss Universe 2019 Catriona Magnayon Gray, when she was asked about the legalization of Marijuana, “Everything is good, but in moderation.” However, substance abuse varies from addiction. Numerous people who have substance abuse problems are capable of quitting or can change their unhealthy behavior. On the other hand, addiction is a disease. It means, it’s really hard to stop it even if the person already had experienced the consequences brought by addictive substances. 

Both legal and illegal drugs are contained with chemicals that can change how your body and mind work. They can give you pleasure, helps you ease stress, or even help you avoid problems in life. But that’s only a short-term effect. Unknowingly, you are slowly destroying your life.  If you are looking for a treatment, you can start now! Do not hesitate nor doubt about starting to build a new you. Substance Abuse Treatment Helpline is here to give you the support and provide you with the best services. We are looking forward to working with you. Hand in hand, let’s together build a future. To get started, we just need a little bit of your information. Kindly fill in the information below. We assure you that the details you’d like to indicate are confidential. 

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